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With, This Novelist’s Success Is No Mystery

Dan Alatorre murders people for a living. Not literally, but literarily: His thrilling mystery novels have captivated audiences around the world, landing him on multiple bestseller lists. 

Like so many authors of the internet age, Dan started his writing journey with a blog. Back then, his posts were focused more on the day-to-day happenings of his life, and they eventually provided the fodder for his first book: a silly autobiographical tale about a father and his daughter. 

Dan has always had many different stories to tell. He published titles in a variety of genres, such as horror, romance, humor, and science fiction, before he tried his hand at murder mysteries. It didn’t take long for his unforgettable characters and unique storytelling to captivate audiences. 

“It is great when some stranger you’ve never met picks up your book and reads it. You wrote words down, they read it, and it changed their life.”

For inspiration when writing his novels, Dan looks to what has piqued his interest throughout his life–1950s film noir classics, modern-day crime shows, and mystery authors like Agatha Christie–and then puts his unique spin on things. In his most popular series, Double Blind, he’s found an equation for success: two detectives, with an underlying current of romantic tension, working to solve a murder. Each case is its own self-contained story, so it not only works as part of the series, but it also makes a good standalone novel. “Good ideas were and are everywhere for an author, so I have about twenty additional story ideas for the characters,” he says. “As long as readers enjoy reading them, I’ll keep writing them.”

His creativity unlocked, Dan was able to concentrate on that all-important but oft-ignored aspect of any creative business: marketing. His website,, was already his personal space on the web but it also gave his fans a VIP entrance to interact with him. With his Readers Club, Dan is able to go above and beyond simply promoting his books, building an active community of engaged readers. That sense of connection—with other murder-mystery fans as well as with him, the author—makes each new novel even more likely to be a success. 

“It’s a great way to build that rapport with your fan base. If they’re interacting with their favorite author, they’re a fan for life.”

But don’t just take his word for it. If you’re an active (or aspiring) author, there are many other reasons to carve out a corner of the internet just for yourself and your fans. 

Always be writing

Since writing is already something you do, an active blog can help provide insight to your audience about your writing process, upcoming events, story ideas, and so much more. It will position you as a valuable resource for readers and potential collaborators, leaving them eager to hear more from you.

Build your brand

Your website is a distillation of your personal brand, reflecting your unique literary style, voice, and identity. Choosing the right theme for your site—from colors, to fonts, to layout, and more—can help reinforce your work as an author. A good website builds trust, and it can help you stand out like a literary beacon in the vast sea of books.

Control the story

In an age of online reviews and social media commentary, other voices can often shape the narrative. A personal website provides a platform for you to tell your own story, highlighting your work in the way that you want.

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State of the Word 2023: Watch Live on December 11

It’s almost time for State of the Word 2023! Join us for this live stream event on December 11th at 10am ET.

State of the Word is the annual keynote address delivered by the WordPress project’s co-founder and Automattic CEO, Matt Mullenweg. Every year, the event shares reflections on the project’s progress and the future of open source. Expect all that and more in this year’s edition.

For the first time ever, this event is venturing beyond North America, bringing the WordPress community to a new and vibrant city: Madrid, Spain! The event will be live-streamed to WordPress enthusiasts and newcomers alike via the WordPress YouTube channel.

Join Matt as he provides a retrospective of 2023, demos the latest in WordPress tech, and comments on the future of the WordPress open source project.

Watch State of the Word 2023 live!

What: State of the Word 2023

When: Monday, December 11, 2023 @ 10:00 am ET (15:00 UTC)

How: The live stream is embedded in this post, just above, and will go live at the time of the event. It will also be available through the WordPress YouTube channel. Additionally, there are a number of locally organized watch parties happening around the world if you’d like to watch it in the company of other WordPressers.

Don’t worry, we’ll post the recorded event early next week if you aren’t able to catch it live.

Enhanced WordPressing With the Updated Jetpack Mobile App

The Jetpack app is getting better and better every single day. We’re excited to share a few updates we’ve made across the mobile experience to make your content creation and management more efficient and enjoyable.

Look for these updates when your app updates to version 23.7.

Posts and Pages improvements

Redesigned posts and pages screen

The Posts and Pages screen has a fresh new look. Notably, the “default” and “compact” display options have been consolidated, making the user interface more streamlined. This means that you now have a more intuitive way to navigate your content and find what you need.

New context menu

Screenshot of new context menu on Jetpack mobile app, for both iOS and Android.

Navigating to  “Stats,” “Comments,” and “Settings” has been moved to the context menu for a cleaner and more organized look. This enhancement simplifies the user interface, making it easier to access and manage your content.

New swipe actions on iOS

Screenshot of new swipe actions on Jetpack mobile app — iOS only.

With the introduction of swipe actions, you can now swipe left to view a post or page, and swipe right to share or delete it. This intuitive feature adds a layer of convenience to your workflow, allowing you to perform actions with a simple gesture.

Improved search and filtering on iOS

Screenshot of improved search function on Jetpack mobile app — iOS only.

This Jetpack app update also includes various search and filtering improvements on iOS. You can now perform full-text searches and filter content by “author” or “tag.” This makes it easier to locate specific content within your collection.

Streamlined dashboard and personalizations

Screenshot of new personalization options on Jetpack mobile app, for both iOS and Android.

We’ve refined the dashboard interface, offering a more personalized experience. You can now customize shortcuts and cards on your dashboard, tailoring it to your specific needs and preferences, so you can easily access the features that matter most to you. 

Updated “Me” tab

Screenshot of new "Me" tab placement in the Jetpack mobile app, for both iOS and Android.

By moving the “Me” section to the bottom tab, we’ve simplified the app’s navigation. This means you can now access your profile, account settings, and app settings from anywhere within the app, without interrupting your workflow. 

Optimized site media on iOS

Screen shot of new media optimizations for iOS in the Jetpack mobile app.

We’ve re-engineered the screen for managing and selecting your site’s media on iOS, focusing on performance optimizations. The previews load significantly faster and use less memory, ensuring a smooth scrolling experience.

We’ve also added three new gestures to help you manage your media on the fly:

  • Long press on an image to quickly preview a photo and access some of the common actions
  • Quickly select multiple items by dragging your finger over the images
  • When checking the media details, swipe from left to right to switch between items

There are many other minor improvements and fixes that add up to a significantly better overall experience of working with your media, and we’ll continue to build on this new foundation in the upcoming releases to deliver the best experience possible.

Download the latest update

Experience the new and improved Jetpack mobile app by downloading the latest update

Thank you for being part of the community! We’re thrilled to continue this journey of improvement with you.

Having Trouble Naming Your Business? Let Us Help

A great business name is essential for building a strong brand. It needs to immediately catch the attention of potential customers and become something that stays top-of-mind for the long term.

You could wait until you have a flash of inspiration and stumble upon an excellent brand name. But what if you want something to spark your inspiration right now? Perhaps a tool that could get your creative juices flowing and start you on the path toward success?

That’s where our Instant Business Name Generator comes in. We’ve recently revamped this free tool with the power of AI so you can uncover dozens of great ideas in seconds. 

Using the Business Name Generator

Start the process by visiting the Instant Business Name Generator and entering a keyword or phrase for your business idea:

Next, you’ll be presented with several options to choose from:

Want to see more options? Try the same keyword or phrase again or enter a different term to get a new set of ideas.

If you see a name that you like, click “Next” to purchase the domain name. You can choose from over 350 extensions to find the one that’s best for your new business.

The Business Name Generator will only suggest business name ideas that match an available domain name.

Once you have a domain name, there’s no better place to host and build your website than Choose any paid annual plan and you’ll get your domain name free for the first year. If you need help building your website, Built By, our own website design service, has you covered—and you’ll still get your domain name free.

3 tips for choosing your business name

While the Business Name Generator is helpful for effortlessly spinning up tons of ideas, you’ll still need to choose just one that’s going to represent your business. Here are a few tips to choose a name that sticks:

Simplicity is key

If your name has too many words, or is hard to understand, people might not remember what your business is called. Or they might be reluctant to recommend your business to others. Choose a name that isn’t likely to require repeating several times in conversation.

Make it memorable

Once you have a handful of ideas that you like, try sharing them with a trusted friend or two. Then, see if they can remember your ideas a day or two later. 

It’s not a perfect system, but as long as your friend is willing to help with your market research, it might help you determine which of your ideas has staying power. 

Own it everywhere

Once you have settled on your business name, buying the domain name is a clear next step. In addition, you should also make sure matching social media usernames are available across networks that your business might use. 

Be quick to create accounts and claim those handles, even if it might be a while before you’re ready to promote your business. It could save you some disappointment later on.

Try the Business Name Generator

If you’re planning on starting a business soon, then take the Business Name Generator for a spin. And if your big idea becomes a world-famous brand and people ask where you found the name? Well, we won’t even ask for any credit. We’ll just be glad we could help.

The Best Deals of the Year on Websites and Domains 

The best Black Friday deal isn’t a disposable gadget or a trendy clothing item. Instead, consider something that will help you grow and will grow along with you. Your website isn’t just about your online presence—it’s the foundation for everything you hope to achieve.

From today through Cyber Monday (November 27), we’re offering unbeatable deals on website plans and domains.

Save up to 50% on websites  

For a limited time, both our monthly and annual website plans are on sale:

50% off monthly plans 

Get half off the first month of any monthly plan when you use the code bf23monthly at checkout. 

25% off annual plans 

Get 25% off the entire year when you purchase any 1-year plan. Use the code bf23annual at checkout. 

Redeeming your discount is simple 

Three simple steps for taking advantage of this Black Friday discount: 

  1. Choose “Monthly” or “Annual” at the top of the page
  2. Pick your plan
  3. At the checkout page, click “Add a coupon code” 

Here’s what you get with all paid plans

  • Stunning design options: dive into a sea of themes and find the perfect one. 
  • Monetization tools: set up payments and donations in a flash. 
  • Expert support: our dedicated team is here, anytime you need.

150+ premium domain extensions up to 90% off 

With over 150 domain extensions on sale, you have unlimited opportunities to express yourself or memorably brand your business. With some domains starting at under $1 for the first year, owning your identity online won’t break the bank. 

Visit to start exploring. 

The most popular domains—.com, .net, and .org—are always available for just $12 per year. 

These deals are valid for new website and domain purchases only (no renewals or upgrades). The offers are good through the end of the day Monday, November 27, wherever you are in the world. 

Revamp Your Website Seamlessly With Staging Site Synchronization

Imagine you spot a new theme that would make your site shine. Or a plugin that will elevate your website’s functionality and user experience to new heights. Understandably, you’d probably like to test these changes before making them live to the world. 

In May, we announced the availability of staging sites, which make it easy to experiment with changes like these. We’re excited to announce that you can now use our new synchronization feature to push changes from your staging site to your live, or “production,” site. 

Starting today, fearlessly try out new ideas and designs before publishing them to the world. Let’s take a deeper look. 

Be sure to check back on Friday in order to grab our best deals of the year on hosting plans and domains!

Staging sites take the stress out of building your website

Let’s say you have a thriving pet grooming business. You have a nice, professional website, but it could use a few more handy features (like appointment scheduling) and a bit more pizzazz in general. Using a staging site, you play around with a few different themes and ultimately decide to design your own with our fun and easy-to-use assembler tool. You land on the perfect design for your site and now you need a plugin that allows clients to book an appointment. You try a couple different options, but nothing looks or works quite how you want it until you land on WooCommerce Bookings. Perfect

Now, after those few days of experimenting and trying new things, you have a new, jazzed up website that you’re happy to share with the world. Simply click a couple of buttons on the Hosting Configuration page, and voila, your new site is live. 

By working on your new site in a staging environment, you were able to maintain a professional presence while making magic happen behind the scenes. With our new staging sites synchronization feature, you’re now able to easily push your changes live. 

How to synchronize your staging sites on

First, create a staging site on a Business or Commerce site with Hosting Features enabled. Once your staging site is created, try out some new plugins, play around with a new site design, or build a brand new homepage.

When you are satisfied with your changes and would like to copy them from staging to production, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your hosting dashboard: Settings → Hosting Configuration 
  2. Scroll down to the “Staging site” section
  3. Select one of the options under “Choose synchronization direction”
  4. Toggle your desired options under “Synchronize this data” 
  5. Click “Synchronize”

When the confirmation window appears, proceed by clicking “Synchronize” one final time. 

For more details, including how to use the synchronization feature for different scenarios, visit our staging sites support page. This feature is accessible to all of our customers on our Business and Commerce plans.

Build your next site on

At, we’re committed to making your website management experience as seamless as possible. In the last year alone, we launched SSH and WP-CLI access, site preview links, global edge caching, staging sites, and more. With data synchronization for staging sites, we’ve added yet another powerful feature to your toolkit. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and don’t forget to follow our Developer Blog to stay in the loop.

What other features would you like to see? How can we make an even more powerful place to build a website? Feel free to leave a comment.

Hot Off the Press: New Themes for November 2023

The team is always working on new design ideas to bring your website to life. Check out the latest themes in our library, featuring beautiful new options for bloggers, photographers, restaurateur, and event planners.


Magalog is a blog theme designed to display your content in a three-column layout. This theme’s structure is comprised of a narrow left-hand sidebar while the blog content of a featured image + title + excerpt live in middle and right-hand columns. The large sans serif typography and clean construction help give the design a modern flair.

There are two style variations in addition to its beautiful default colors, offering engaging palettes to showcase your best stuff.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.


Dawson is a portfolio theme specifically tailored for photography. With a two column layout, it’s ideal for those looking to showcase their exquisite work. Dawson offers five distinct style variations, providing a wide range of aesthetic options to choose from.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Peirao (Premium)

Peirao is a theme inspired by the pervasive use of deep green paint on restaurant doors in Galicia, Spain. It’s the perfect look for a restaurant whose authenticity and history are their brand.

For typography, we’ve chosen Bricolage Grotesque—a fresh, open-source font brimming with character. The typeface’s feel and personality were just right. The entire theme evokes a feel of pride and dignity, while playful details make it friendly and approachable.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Podcasty (Premium)

Podcasty is a podcast theme that’s especially suited for creators who want their cover art and episode titles to shine. This theme is simple, direct, and elegant. There are five vibrant color variations to suit your individual tastes.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.


Foam is a fun, straightforward theme made with events in mind. Entirely customizable, Foam presents event details—location, speakers, FAQs, etc.—in an appealing and engaging way.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

To install any of the above themes, click the name of the theme you like, which brings you right to the installation page. Then click the “Activate this design” button. You can also click “Open live demo,” which brings up a clickable, scrollable version of the theme for you to preview.

Premium themes are available to use at no extra charge for customers on the Premium plan or above. Partner themes are third-party products that can be purchased for $79/year each.

You can explore all of our themes by navigating to the “Themes” page, which is found under “Appearance” in the left-side menu of your dashboard. Or you can click below:

From Sawdust to Success With

Jolie Karno will be the first person to admit that she’s not technologically literate. As a wood-turner in Oakland, California, she works with her hands day in and day out and doesn’t want to spend hours fiddling with a website.

Of course Jolie needs to make a living, though, so she wanted a website to sell her custom-made wood products. The thought of building out a full e-commerce website was so daunting that she struggled to find a way to get started. Until she learned that offers easily customizable templates and 24/7 support.

With the help of our incredible Happiness Engineers, she was able to get her online store launched, which makes her creations shine. Take a look for yourself at

After you’ve watched the video, visit or click below to learn more and get an exclusive 25% off coupon.

Learn to Design Your Own Theme in Our Newest Webinar

Choosing your site’s design is a crucial first step in the creation of any new website and is key to conveying your brand or message online. Our new option to “Design Your Own Theme” revolutionizes this process by introducing predefined Block Patterns, which act as modular elements for your unique design.

This groundbreaking tool provides a straightforward point-and-click interface for quick layout and style adjustments, streamlining the design process. You can now add, remove, and rearrange entire sections of your site layout with ease—saving time traditionally spent on manual construction. This allows you to freely explore different design ideas in a user-friendly playground that encourages exploration and experimentation.

Join us for this enlightening webinar where we will demonstrate how to work with this new tool to create a custom website in minutes. We will then explore the various ways Block Patterns can be used in the page editor to construct unique layouts for any page or area of your website. The session is free to attend and will conclude with a live Q&A to address all your questions.

Also presenting: “Picking the Perfect Plugin”

Expand your website’s range of features through the strategic use of plugins. In this popular webinar, our Happiness Engineers will educate you on the selection, analysis, and management of both free and paid plugins to boost your site. Gain specialized understanding to make decisions that are right for your unique website.  

As with all of our webinars, this session is free to attend, and we will follow our live presentation with an open Q&A to answer all your plugin questions.

Meet Site Profiler: Instant Access to Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Any Domain

Site Profiler is a fast, accurate, and ad-free tool designed to provide WHOIS and hosting information about any domain. Whether you’re a domain owner or just curious about where a site is hosted, Site Profiler is a fast way to pull up the details you need.

Just drop in any URL and you’ll have the hosting and domain registration details right at your fingertips. It’s free, simple, and user-friendly.

Why use Site Profiler?

  • Fast and accurate: Get precise domain information fast.
  • Ad-free experience: Focus on what matters without distractions.
  • Free to use: Absolutely no charge for using Site Profiler.
  • Check for domain availability: You can enter any domain, check if it’s available, and register it immediately through

A simpler way to switch

With Site Profiler, you can drop in a URL, check the details, and make the switch all from one place—whether you’ve moving a domain over or an entire website. Google Domains customers can transfer their domain(s) to for free, and if you decide to add a paid website plan, too, your first year of domain fees is on us. And if you’re considering moving your entire site, please take advantage of our 7-day free trial for a risk-free, seamless site transfer. Learn more at

What’s coming next?

We’re not done with the Site Profiler just yet. Stay tuned for additional features like performance and security scans to make this tool even more powerful. 

What other site analyses would you like to see in the Site Profiler? Let us know in the comments.

Get started today

Check a site, transfer your domain, and find all the details for any domain under the sun, with Site Profiler. Explore the tool here.